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The Next-Gen Management System

A system that brings together all your key business tasks - from managing your dashboard to advanced marketing. Made to be efficient and top-notch.

  • Dashboard

  • Appointments

  • Invoicing

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Tools of My Trade

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  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • React
  • React Native
  • Nextjs
  • Redux
  • Flutter
  • Tailwind
  • Material UI
  • Bootstrap


  • Nodejs
  • Express
  • JWT
  • Redis


  • Mongodb
  • MySql
  • Sqlite
  • Firebase
  • ElasticSearch

About me

My Developer Journey So Far

Hello there! I'm Sikander Singh. I started off with a strong background in Mathematics and later got into Marketing. But the tech bug bit me early on. Even though I dreamt of making a website back in 2010, it wasn't until 2014 that I got to really play with coding. From there, my love for programming only grew. Over the years, I've jumped into different areas of tech, with my latest passion being the MERN stack. It's been quite a ride, learning and adapting along the way. Today, I'm eager to join a team where I can blend my knack for problem-solving with my tech know-how.


First Steps in Tech
Got super excited about creating my own website. Though I couldn't do it then, this dream stuck with me.
Embraced Coding
Coding felt like deciphering a fascinating puzzle. That's when I realized the magic behind websites and apps.
College Graduation
Earned my degree in Mathematics. Those years of analyzing problems laid the groundwork for my future ventures.
Canadian Adventure Begins
Moved to Canada, kickstarting my studies in Marketing. Alongside, my self-taught tech journey continued in the shadows.
Web Development Dive
Explored the realms of PHP and MySQL, bringing web ideas to life, one login page at a time.
Jumped into Modern Web Development
Discovered React and the MERN stack. It felt like the future of web development, and I wanted in.
A Viral Success During Challenging Times
During the Covid lockdown, I built a website from scratch. Sharing it among friends, it unexpectedly went viral, amassing over 2M users in just three months!
New Roles & Opportunities
Embarked on a job as a Business Development Manager. Concurrently, freelanced in web development and nurtured budding coders through personalized programming lessons.
Journey with Scotiabank
Joined Scotiabank as a Customer Experience Associate. This move was all about understanding customers better and refining my interpersonal skills.
Dream Project Kickoff
Started conceptualizing and developing my most ambitious project yet—a comprehensive CRM system. A platform aimed at helping businesses streamline their customer interactions, invoicing, scheduling, marketing communications, and integrated email systems.
Project Completion & Adoption
After months of rigorous development, my CRM system was ready. Launched into production, it's now trusted and actively used by over 5 businesses, streamlining their daily operations and enhancing customer relations.
The Next Chapter
With a tapestry of experiences and lessons, I'm now looking forward to working collaboratively in a team, bringing my unique perspective and skills to the table.

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